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Poster for Secret Seasonal Screening

Secret Seasonal Screening

Coming on December 2

Run Time: 47 min.

As a special kick-off to the holiday season, we’re excited to present a secret screening of a criminally obscure Christmas oddity from 1980’s New Zealand. This surreal TV special follows a young girl and a group of rubber-suited monsters as they go on an adventure to reclaim their singing voices which have been stolen by a jealous witch. Described by one IMDB reviewer as “sort of like The Wizard of Oz if it had been made by the costume department from Dr. Who circa 1974 and the music department of Kickboxer 3 (i.e. A bloke with a Casio keyboard).” Screening on 16mm film!

“True, it’s a G-rated kids film. But it’s a kids film that blends the best elements of the Godzilla mythos with the wackiness of Gimme Gimme Octopus, the colourful DIY musicality of HR Pufnstuf, and the fearless independence of Where the Wild Things Are.” – Kier-La Janisse, Spectacular Optical

Please Note: The Brattle no longer requires proof of vaccination to attend our events, however masks are still required except when actively eating or drinking. Please visit the Covid Response page for complete details.
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