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“I’m most excited to see PARIS IS BURNING in October! To see such an integral piece of film to the queer community brought back onto the big screen for LGBT History month is one of those incredible Brattle experiences I can’t wait to share!”


THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG and THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT – Umbrellas is one of my favorites. So beautiful! The color; the music; a true cotton candy melodrama. I have been waiting to see Young Girls on screen, so this is one I am just excited to finally see. I only assume that adding Gene Kelly into a film by Jacques Demy will be magical.

SCRAPPER – Take a chance on this film! You won’t be sorry.

AT CLOSE RANGEI can’t recommend this film enough! So much smoking, MGD, and vintage cars. It is an enjoyable rustbelt noir with great performances across the board. Keep an eye out for Crispin Glover. He is a joy in a small part, but with huge sideburns.

OLDBOY – I haven’t seen this stunner since it came out 20 years ago and am looking forward to going back to the film where I first entered the mind of Park Chan-Wook.




I’m looking forward to a few of the Romance/fantasy films in the Barbie’s Roots series that I’ve been meaning to see. “A Matter of Life and Death” is worth checking out for its ambition and imagination in storytelling, sets, and images.

“Wings of Desire” is a much loved film for its philosophical themes, beautiful cinematography, and Peter Falk. So if anyone is like me and still hasn’t seen it, here’s your chance on 35mm!

I’m a fan of Michel Gondry for his playfulness and creativity using puppetry and stop motion, so I also look forward to seeing “The Science of Sleep”.

I look forward to seeing Pedro Almodovar’s “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” on 35mm. I enjoy dark comedies and this one delivers along with melodrama led by a strong ensemble of actors, bold colors, and vivid fashion to match!

I’m excited for some of the musical features we have coming up, such as the new digital restoration of “Stop Making Sense” because it is so good and will be great to see screened with our new sound system! I’m also interested in the special premiere screening for 3 days only of “Mutiny in Heaven: Nick Cave and The Birthday Party”. I’m a fan of Nick Cave and Rowland S. Howard so I’m interested in learning more about The Birthday Party and seeing old concert footage.

And don’t miss Grrl Haus when it comes back to The Brattle in October!

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