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We’ve asked our staff to share some of the films & events they are most excited to see at The Brattle this winter, and as expected, their picks touch on every corner of our programming. Explore below for a snapshot of the varied tastes of our team members, and maybe you’ll find someone who shares your interests!


TMNT Mutant Mayhem: although I wasn’t a huge fan of the turtles growing up, the art style and the characterization of the turtles in this film make me excited to check it out!

Dungeons and Dragons: while I had my doubts about this one at first, this movie was made by people who hold love and care for the game itself. It’s like watching an actual dnd session come to life

Barbie: I missed it when it was in theaters, so I’d love to catch it on the big screen at work!

Bottoms: the rise in sapphic comedies in recent years makes my gay little heart happy, so Bottoms is definitely on my list

The Princess Bride: a Brattle v-day classic, and all-around beloved film


Bottoms: “It was my fav movie of last year and dare I say Barbie who?”

Alex S.

Black God, White Devil

The Raid Redemption

Assault on Precinct 13


Beau is Afraid

Pictures of Ghosts


Past Lives ❤️‍🩹🫂⏳ This one made me cry…very tender.

Anatomy of a Fall ⚖️🇫🇷☃️🕴I’ve been seeing this film come up all over my timeline and I’m excited to finally have the chance to catch it at the Brattle, especially since it hasn’t had a huge U.S. release yet!

Casablanca: 🎹🚬✈️❤️‍🔥🧳 One of my favorite movies and definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Timeless!

The Princess Bride 🐀🌼💓🤺🔮🏰 A truly epic romance, comedy and drama that is great for all ages 😀


The Unknown Country – This is a beautiful road movie that should be seen on the big screen, and one of my favorite genres: quiet and simple. Not slow, but the film gives each moment space and breath. It feels so authentic and natural. If you are a fan of Lily Gladstone from Flowers of the Killer Moon then check out this amazing starring role. 

Scrapper – Don’t be scared of this one. The film sounds bleak, but it is a story about resilience. One of my personal faves from 2023!

Infinity Pool – This film isn’t for everyone, but if you can handle the discomfort and horror that Brandon Cronenberg brings, I highly recommend it. Mia Goth is stunning as always. JAAAAMES!

You Can’t Take it With You – This has been one of my faves since I was a kid. It’s my personal favorite Capra. So fun!

The More the Merrier – Jean Arthur is pretty amazing. Add in Charles Coburn and Joel McCrea and you are guaranteed a good time. 

The Driver – I just can’t wait for this one! I don’t remember having the opportunity to catch it on screen and I am so excited.


Nightingale Vocal Ensemble – This is going to be an amazing experience. Check out some of the posts they’ve shared on Instagram for a taste of what’s to come: Post Post Post

Alice in the Cities – An old favorite. A German magazine writer experiences an existential crisis while on assignment in America, but finds hope and inspiration in the form of a young girl left in his care.

Bushman – Excited to check this out.

Paper Moon – I have a feeling this will be my next old favorite.

Bugs Bunny Film Festival – How can you say no to 80 minutes of classic cartoon mayhem?

Pictures of Ghosts – The new film by the director of Bacarau, described as a “multi-dimensional journey through time, sound, architecture, and filmmaking… a map of a city through the lens of cinema…” I’m in.

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